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LEERA THE SOULMATE Awarded In National Feature Category For Best VFX Film

Good news, Good news, Good news. Leera The Soulmate a full VFX movie is all set to release. And soon we are going to be rewarded by people. By god’s grace we have received a National Category Award because of

5 Actors Who Have Given Us The Best Monologues

Monologues, play an important role when it comes to the initial stages of acting. Actors prepare themselves with monologues for auditions. Many Bollywood actors have shown their skills and excelled in the field of acting because of their signature monologues.

Tribute to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Smriti Sabha

Tribute to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Smriti Sabha with poem and sharing experience of renowned Poet, Celebrity, actor,Lyricist ,Writer and other. A Great Memorable Evening For Remembrance Of Greatest  Gentleman, a tribute to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji. Best PM Ever And

Fashion Blogger Shweta Pal Is Joining Aaditya Pratap Singh Entertainments

There are a lot of bloggers in town. If we here will talk about the best one from them then a name came front ‘Shweta Pal’. Shweta Pal is a blogger and she has a lot of fans in Instagram. 

Shashwat Pratik Music Video Pal Jo Launched

Exclusive News By Fame Media Presentation of ‘Le Helios Films’ , produced by Prabir Sinha and Shivanand Sinha, directed by Nitesh Rai, album “Pal Jo” by Venus Company was released in ‘The View’ recently, where celebrity from Bollywood like Mushtaq

Belagaam Parinde In This Film 6 heroes Will Be Seen On Screen

बेलगाम परिंदे में दिखेंगे 6 हीरो अपराध पर आधारित है बेलगाम परिंदे हाल के कुछ बरसो में भोजपुरी फ़िल्म जगत में भी  सार्थक फिल्मो के निर्माण का सिलसिला शुरू हो गया है और धीरे धीरे दर्शको द्वारा इसे सराहा जाने

Swarda Thigale Popular TV Actress Her Candid Interview

My Mom and Dad were my guide to to become actor! candid conversation with tv star ‘Swarda Thigale’ Swarda Thigale is an Indian Television actress who made her acting debut in 2013 with the Marathi movie, Thoda Tuza, Thoda Maza.

Shreyas Porus Pardiwalla Much Awaited Webseries Akoori To Get Release On 30th August 2018

Shreyas is awaiting the release of his upcoming ZEE5 webseries, Akoori. The comedy-drama story revolves around a crazy Parsi family that’s forced to come together post a tragic event in the family. The webseries also stars actors  Darshan Jariwala, Lillete

Actor Malkhan Singh’s Hot Photoshoot

Actor Malkhan Singh who plays lord Shiva in the show Vighnaharta Ganesha recently had a photoshoot. The photoshoot showed a totally different side of the actor. The photoshoot covered 9 looks of the actor, all the looks not only different

Seema Singh Breaks The Heart Of Millions Of Fans Gets Engaged To Saurav Kumar Business Tycoon Of Bihar

करोड़ों फैंस का दिल तोड़ सीमा सिंह ने की सौरव संग सगाई, सौरव सीमा की सगाई का फोटो हुआ वायरल भोजपुरी सिनेमा की डांसिंग स्टार व अपने मोहक नृत्य और दिलकश अदाओं से सबको दीवाना बनाने वाली सीमा सिंह ने

Balaji Mishra Casting Director Well Recognised Name In Film Industry

सफल बनने के लिए उम्र और समय की कोई सीमा नहीं होती यह सिद्ध किया है 21 वर्षीय बालाजी मिश्रा ने इन्हें पढ़ाई में काफी रुचि थी पर पढ़ाई के साथ-साथ इन्हें फिल्म इंडस्ट्री से जुड़ी हुई चीजों में भी

Shashvat Pratik Music Video – Pal Jo – Launched

Exclusive News By Fame Media Presentation of ‘Le Helios Films’ , produced by Prabir Sinha and Shivanand Sinha, directed by Nitesh Rai, album “Pal Jo” by Venus Company was released in ‘The View’ recently, where celebrity from Bollywood like Mushtaq

When Shahenshah Meets World Champ Gaurav Sharma

New Delhi: Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan congratulated powerlifter Gaurav Sharma on winning two gold medals at the European Championship. Mr Bachchan met Gaurav at the set of Kaun Banega Crorepati in Mumbai. He also wished him luck for the upcoming

Singer Shaan And Aditya Narayan Live Performance At – 22Days – Music Launch

The makers of upcoming movie ’22Days’ organized a royal musical extravaganza in Mumbai to celebrate the music of the film. The event was graced by the entire cast and crew of the film, making the musical occasion a grand celebration.

Belgaum Parinde In This Film 6 heroes Will Be Seen On Screen

बेलगाम परिंदे में दिखेंगे 6 हीरो अपराध पर आधारित है बेलगाम परिंदे हाल के कुछ बरसो में भोजपुरी फ़िल्म जगत में भी  सार्थक फिल्मो के निर्माण का सिलसिला शुरू हो गया है और धीरे धीरे दर्शको द्वारा इसे सराहा जाने

Riteish Pandey’s Police Style In Coming Film Jeet

जीत में दिखेगा रितेश पांडे का पुलिसिया अंदाज भोजपुरी गायकी में अपनी आवाज के जादू से लाखों करोड़ों लोगों को अपना दीवाना बना चुके रितेश पांडे का सिक्का इन दिनों फ़िल्म जगत में भी तेजी से चल रहा है ।

S P Chauhan Inspirational Tell tale Sangharsh Ko Salaam Gets Launched

There are many rags to riches stories that we have heard and read about but this one is unlike any that we have ever heard. S P Chauhan is a well known social activist and his exemplary work has been

Actor Parth Singh Chauhan Krina Fame Celebrated Raksha Bandhan with Great Fanfare

क्रीना’ फेम एक्टर पार्थ सिंह चौहान ने रक्षाबंधन बड़ी धूमधाम से मनाया आइए आज हम सभी महिलाओं का सम्मान और रक्षा करने का दृढ़ संकल्प करें: पार्थ सिंह चौहान बॉलीवुड मूवी ‘क्रीना’ की शानदार सक्सेस से मशहूर हुए फ़िल्म के


MUMBAI REGIONAL CASTING Max, country’s largest fashion brand and Elite, global talent management company, are back with the 5thedition of ‘Elite Model Look India 2018’, one of the most sought-after & prestigious contest in the world.A change to gain global

Srishti Kaur, Teen Universe 2017 Showstops For – Cotton Is Cool – Campaign

Teen Universe 2017 Srishti Kaur turned the showstopper at the Heart and Soul-Women with Spirit Awards and pledged her support to the fashion show ‘Cotton is Cool’ campaign. This event was organised by Mrs Ratan Kaul and Shilpa Raina Wahal


SURYA AUR MEHRUNISSA KA ADHURA MILAN Banner: Bajarang Balaji Films Production Producer: Gundappa Suresh Devkar Director: Raju Sansare Music: Anuradha-Akshay, M. Deepak THE STORY The film depicts the love story of Surya( Suryakant Devkar) and Mehrunisa( Riddhi Ghodke) who meet

India And Kingdom of Lesotho Will Together Promote Culture

New Delhi: A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between India and Lesotho through International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry India and Embassy of Kingdom for Government of Kingdom of Lesotho to develop and promote relation between two countries through

Sandeep Marwah Was The Case Study of 10th MFRT Conference

New Delhi: More than 800 enthusiastic entrepreneur and managers from all over India gathered to listen to the case study of six times World Record Holder Sandeep Marwah at 10th Convention of MFRT at Hotel Leela at New Delhi. ‘Rome

Bollywood Movie 22 Days to Release on 14th September 2018

Shiivam Tiwari has picked 14the September 2018 to release his Bollywood venture ‘22Days’. The film directed by Shiivam Tiwari features himself Opposite Rahu Dev. 22 Days, a romantic suspense drama.  Now it looks like another big clash is on the

Bam Bam Bhole On Bhojpuri Cinema Channel From 24th August 2018

24 अगस्त को भोजपुरी सिनेमा चैनल पर गूजेंगा  ’बम बम भोले’ , घर घर के ड्राइंग रूम में होंगे मनपसंद भोजपुरी सितारे सावन के पावन मन भावन महीने में शिव भक्तों के लिए भोजपुरी भाषियों का नंबर वन टीवी चैनल

Swapna Pati Unveils The First Look of Antardhwani On Her Birthday

Swapna Pati, a famous  Indian actress, Model and One of India’s popular celebrity has celebrated her birthday yesterday in Juhu Hoot Club. On her special day she also unveils the first look of her upcoming flim Antardhwani which is directed by National

Death Threat To Mahant Janmejay Sharan and Dushyant Singh After The Announcement Of Temple Construction In Ayutthaya – Thailand

Last few days back in the other holy land of Prabhu Shri Ram Ayuthaya(Thailand) where Mahant janmejay Sharan and Dushyant singh announced the construction and did the Bhumi pujan for Shri Ram Mandir the another signature for the people of

Ilaaka Kishorganj Films Music & Trailer Launched In Mumbai

इलाका किशोर का ट्रेलर संगीत लांच झारखंड में झारखंड के कलाकारों से बनी है इलाका किशोरगंज झारखंड के प्रतिभाशाली कलाकारों को लेकर बनी फिल्म इलाका किशोरगंज का ट्रेलर और संगीत मुम्बई में एक भव्य समारोह में लांच किया गया ।

Srishti Sharma Actress & Model Of Rare Calibre

Srishti Sharma after succesful released Bollywood and regional Films & Albums  Srishti Sharma Says : as I have fully prepared myself for it. I have few offers, which I am considering minutely. Shortly a big announcement & launching event is

Rahul Boss Actor His Latest Photo Shoot

Rahul Boss Actor His Latest Photo Shoot  and Short Film Pagal Deewana, Written & Directed by Akhil Abdul, Background Music by Vaishanav  Deva, DOP Abhishek Gautam, Editor Vijay Pal, Produced By Rahul Prajapati,.       Starring – Rahul  Boss, Reetu

Ranveer Singh to propose, Deepika Padukone with the world’s most beautiful diamond ring

Actor Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone who seem to be undeniably and irrevocably in love with each other will soon be seen walking down the aisle together if things go according to Ranveer’s plan. According to our sources, he apparently

Pawan Singh Showcased The Generosity, Signed Prem Rai’s Film BOSS for One Hundred Eleven Rupees

पवन सिंह ने दिखाया दरियादिली,  प्रेम राय की फिल्म बॉस को एक सौ ग्यारह रुपये में किया साईन भोजपुरी सिनेमा के पावरस्टार पवन सिंह ने दरियादिली दिखाते हुए अपने बड़े भाई समान फिल्म मेकर प्रेम राय की अगली फिल्म बॉस

Gaurav Sharma, The International Power Lifter Meets Chief Minister Fadnavis

मुख्यमंत्री फडणवीस से मिले अंतर्राट्रीय पावर लिफ्टर गौरव शर्मा । पावर लिफ्टिंग में देश का नाम रोशन करने वाले पावर लिफ्टर महंत गौरव शर्मा ने अपने मुम्बई प्रवास के दौरान आज महाराष्ट्र के मुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस से मुलाकात की।  अगले

Education and Medicine Have Become Very Expensive Today – Acharya Vijay Kulchand Surishwar (K.C.)

आज शिक्षा और चिकित्सा बहुत महंगी हो गई है — आचार्य विजय कुलचंद सुरीश्वर (के सी) मानव सेवा से बढ़कर कोई सेवा नहीं, जनकल्याण से बड़ा कोई धर्म नहीं। यह उद्बोधन है घाटकोपर पूर्व (मुंबई) अवस्थित शांति सुधा पार्क के


The other nite it was the celeb-studded grand launch of Australia’s popular with family and friends Cafe known for its high-quality food and variety of drinks and amazing ambience now in Mumbai, Aromas Cafe & Bistro in Oshiwara, Andheri (W)

Natsamrat Gujrati Film Releasing On 30th August 2018 All Over World

“नटसम्राट” को जैन संतोंका आशीर्वचन। ३० अगस्त को होगा वर्ल्डवाइड प्रदर्शित।   गुजराती भाषा की बहुचर्चित फिल्म “नटसम्राट” अब प्रदर्शन की तैयारी में है। इसी ३० अगस्त को यह रिलीज हो रही है। गुजराती भाषा की यह पहली फिल्म होगी जो