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Bollywood Actress Model NAGMA AKHTAR’s Birthday Celebrated With Bollywood Celebrities & Friends

Nagma Akhtar’s Birthday was celebrated with  great enthusiasm in Mumbai where many Bollywood celebrities and friends came to give her best wishes for her birthday. Armaan Kohli, Pankaj Berry, Vaquar Sheikh, Arjun Yadav, Arvinder Singh, Mithlesh Chaturvedi and many more

Pakhi Hegde Auspiciously Welcomes Ganeshji On Ganesh Chaturthi

पाखी हेगड़े ने धूम धाम से किया बाप्पा का आगमन। भोजपुरी फिल्मों की खूबसूरत अदाकारा पाखी हेगड़े ने पहली बार अपने मुम्बई स्तिथ घर पर बाप्पा को विराजमान किया.डेढ़ दिन तक पाखी के घर पधारे गजानन की सेवा में पाखी

Indranee Talukder paired with Rajpal Yadav in Film Aparichit Shakti

Exclusive News by Fame Media Indranee Talukder beauty from Assam, Guwahati, who has done film’s in Regional languages like Tamil, Telugue,Assamese and Magahi, is also active in Bollywood. After appearing in film ‘Lateef’, with Nawazudin Siddiqui, is now coming in

Anusmriti Sarkar’s Magic All Over India

Anusmriti Sarkar who has already created a buzz amongst the audience of Bengali and Tamil films, her music album ‘Magic’ has won the heart of audience. Since the release of Magic on YouTube, more than 13 lakh people have seen

Actress Ashmyrrah Singh Was Spot Celebrating Her Birthday With All Her Celebrities Friends

What, if your friends surprised you for your birthday. I think it would be a great moment when it comes to know that your friends planned a surprise for you on your birthday. Recently, on 1st of September, A well

Harshada Patil Is Ready To Come With Her Telugu Movie Maitrivanam

Harshada Patil who debut in acting with a Marathi movie named Shoor Aamhi Sardar, is read to come with her Telugu movie  Maitrivanam. Harshada also did work with Akshay Kumar in his superhit film Padman. After getting a lot of

Swarda Thigale Popular TV Actress Her Candid Interview

My Mom and Dad were my guide to to become actor! candid conversation with tv star ‘Swarda Thigale’ Swarda Thigale is an Indian Television actress who made her acting debut in 2013 with the Marathi movie, Thoda Tuza, Thoda Maza.

Seema Singh Breaks The Heart Of Millions Of Fans Gets Engaged To Saurav Kumar Business Tycoon Of Bihar

करोड़ों फैंस का दिल तोड़ सीमा सिंह ने की सौरव संग सगाई, सौरव सीमा की सगाई का फोटो हुआ वायरल भोजपुरी सिनेमा की डांसिंग स्टार व अपने मोहक नृत्य और दिलकश अदाओं से सबको दीवाना बनाने वाली सीमा सिंह ने

Swapna Pati Unveils The First Look of Antardhwani On Her Birthday

Swapna Pati, a famous  Indian actress, Model and One of India’s popular celebrity has celebrated her birthday yesterday in Juhu Hoot Club. On her special day she also unveils the first look of her upcoming flim Antardhwani which is directed by National

Srishti Sharma Actress & Model Of Rare Calibre

Srishti Sharma after succesful released Bollywood and regional Films & Albums  Srishti Sharma Says : as I have fully prepared myself for it. I have few offers, which I am considering minutely. Shortly a big announcement & launching event is

Ranveer Singh to propose, Deepika Padukone with the world’s most beautiful diamond ring

Actor Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone who seem to be undeniably and irrevocably in love with each other will soon be seen walking down the aisle together if things go according to Ranveer’s plan. According to our sources, he apparently

Akanksha Singh Miss Asia’s Glorious Birthday Celebration

Akanksha Singh Miss Asia celebrated her birthday in a grand glamours  way in Bora Bora. Many guests from Bollywood, media and friends were there to wish her Happy Birthday. Music director Sajid (Sajid Wajid duo), Bigg Boss winner Vindu Dara

Actress Srishti Sharma Her New Photo Shoot OF Popular Brand

“A model of outstanding merits” this is how I am called in the field of Modeling. The advertisers & Advertising Agencies, say that I have all the physical assests, mental setup & admirable looks, which make a Model most perfect.

Zeisha Nancy Beauty with Brain

The combination of beauty and brain always works, especially in the world of show business and Bollywood is the best place where if a person posses such qualities, specially actress half the battle is won and Zeisha Nancy is the

Srishti Sharma Actress

Actress Srishti Sharma recently did a photo shoot for popular Brand of Designer Costume in Mumbai.She is busy as her Coming Film ISHQ Re almost ready for an early release.    Age# 16 Sept. 1992 Height#.5’7 Vitals#.34.24.36 Skin # colour.fare

Poonam Kaur Is All Praises For Director Satish Vegesena

Poonam Kaur, the popular Tollywood actress today took to her social media and posted praise for her director Satish Vegesna. She went on to say that the director treated every artist like a family and wished that he becomes the

Anjana Singh Actress Shoots For Nadaan Ishq Bhojpuri Film

भोजपुरी फ़िल्म ‘नादान इश्क’ की शूटिंग में हॉटकेक अंजना सिंह। एक टीनएज लव स्टोरी वाली भोजपुरी फ़िल्म ‘नादान इश्क’ की शूटिंग उत्तरप्रदेश के होटलआशा कानपुर कन्नौज इतर की नगरी में एक स्पेसल सॉन्ग  भोजपुरी के हॉटकेक अभिनेत्री अंजना सिंह के

IPL Anchor, Actor & Socialist Priyanka Tewari’s fabulous Birthday Party

Exclusive News By Fame Media IPL Anchor, Actor & Socialist Priyanka Tewari’s fabulous Birthday Party, many Bollywood celebs were present at the birthday bash of Priyanka Tewari recently at B- Lounge, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu. All close Bollywood friends, like 

Bollywood Actress Heena Panchal Turn Hot Biker Chicks

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out men’s obsession with women and bikes. But what if the women too turns out to be obsessed with bikes. It’s going to be like a “Sone Pe Suhana” kinda offer for these

Pakhi Hegde Multi Talented Versatile Actress

Pakhi Hegde (born on 7th June, 1985 at Vasai, near Mumbai suburb Borivali) is an Indian television and film actress, who predominantly works in Bhojpuri cinema. She has received several accolades, including Bhojpuri Cinema Award and Bhojpuri City Award. She

Shalmira Pund Talented Artiste

Film Industry is always  open  for exceptional talents and Shalmira Pund is a pack of combo, not merely with bundle of talent, but she also has a killing look, sparkling eyes, good height, attractive figure and pleasing personality, in short,

Actress Seema Singh’s Aadhe Maa Pics Gets Viral On Social Media

वायरल हुआ सीमा सिंह का आधे माँ का लुक भोजपुरी सिनेमा की चंचल चुलबुली अदाकारा व डांसिंग क्वीन सीमा सिंह का एक लुक इन दिनों वायरल हो गया है। जी हां, ईद पर रिलीज हुई जुबलीस्टार निरहुआ स्टारर भोजपुरी फिल्म

Nidhi Jha’s Coming Film First Schedule Completed

निधि झा की हैशटैग आई एम पिंगला का पहला शेड्यूल पूर्ण सीके आर्ट्स प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बन रही हिंदी फिल्म हैशटैग आई एम पिंगला की शूटिंग का पहला शेड्यूल मुंबई में पूरा कर लिया गया है। फिल्म के निर्माता

Actress Tanisha Singh joins Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Awards

Tanisha Singh is now in advisory committee of Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation awards , Tanisha Singh would like thanks President Ashfaq Khopekar and Chandrashekhar Bansode joint secretary of the DadaSaheb  Phalke Film Foundation awards.  Tanisha has also received many awards

Rits Badiani Was Seen With Her Mother Celebrating Mothers Day

रित्स बदियानी मदर्स डे पर दिखीं अपनी माँ के साथ जैसा कि हम सब जानते हैं कि मदर्स डे हर वर्ष सिर्फ साधारण लोग ही नहीं बल्कि बॉलीवुड स्टार्स भी इस दिन को क्रेज़ के साथ मनाते हैं! हर वर्ष

Poonam Dubey Honoured With Best Supporting Actress Award At Screen & Stage Bhojpuri Award

पूनम दुबे को मिला बेस्ट सपोर्टिंग एक्ट्रेस का अवार्ड मॉडल एक्ट्रेस पूनम दुबे को कोलकाता में सम्पन्न हुए स्क्रीन एंड स्टेज भोजपुरी सिने अवार्ड में बेस्ट एक्ट्रेस इन सपोर्टिंग रोल के अवार्ड से नवाजा गया । उन्हें यह अवार्ड भाजपा

Glory Mohanta Honoured With Best Item Dancer Award At Screen & Stage Bhojpuri Award

ग्लोरी को मिला बेस्ट आयटम डांसर का खिताब कोलकाता में सम्पन्न हुए स्क्रीन एंड स्टेज सिने अवार्ड में जानी मानी अभिनेत्री , आयटम डांसर और कोरियोग्राफर ग्लोरी मोहंता को बेस्ट आयटम डांसर के अवार्ड से नवाजा गया । बोलीवूड में

Heena Panchal Kombada Song Will Make You Tap Your Feet

Back in 2011, the superhit Marathi song Kombdi Palali from the movie Jatra had become a rage. In fact, the Hindi song Chikni Chameli from the movie Agneepath had even borrowed its tune. Looks like the Kombadi formula is set

Get Chance To See Movie & Date Poonam Pandey Guess the name of her Next Movie

Guess the name of her Next Movie. The first ten people with the right answers will get to watch the movie with her. But only one of them will get chance to take her on date before the premier.  

Hemlata A Multi-talented Personality

Everyday number of artistes from every nook and corner of India  come to Mumbai to test their destiny in order to fulfill their dreams as an artistes, singers, composers and so on because Mumbai is the base of Bollywood, which

Pakhi Hegde Terminates The Services Of Her Manager

एक्ट्रेस पाखी हेगड़े ने अपने मैनेजर रवि प्रभाकर कन्हैया को एक साल पहले ही निष्कासित कर चुकी है। फ़िल्म एक्ट्रेस पाखी हेगड़े ने लगभग एक वर्ष पूर्व ही अपने मैनेजर रवि प्रभाकर कन्हैया को अपने कंपनी से निष्कासित कर चुकी

Actress Mrinmai Kolwalkar And Anjali Anand On Star Plus Serial Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala is an Indian musical television series, which is premiere on Star Plus and stream on Hotstar. It features Aakriti Sharma, Mohit Malik, Mrinmai Kolwalkar, Shruti Sharma and Anjali Anand, This show is produced by Gul Khan, Karishma

Swati Mehra Glamour Girl in Music Album SAHARA

Swati Mehra the sensational beauty in music album “SAHARA” released by T-Series along with Navraj Hans. Melodious poetry ‘Ek Tere Bin Mera Koi Na Sahara…..’, is penned by Yuvraj Hans, with music by Anamic Chauhan, produced by Rajesh Sharma under

Tanisha Singh’s  Latest Bollywood Release Is Door Bell  In Lead Role

Tanisha Singh, who has done item songs in Tamil Movies like ‘Uru Murai Sulli Vidu’, ‘Gori Pallayam’, ‘Sadhu Mirinda’ & ‘Heya Ridiya Summa Niru’. Tanisha Singh born and brought up in Mumbai, wanted to become a Cardiologist, but destiny brought

Actress Nikita Rawal  Latest Glamorous Photoshoot

Nikita Rawal was born in Kandivali, Mumbai Maharashtra.  She started her career in Bollywood with the movie Mr. Hot Mr. Kool and gained much popularity with her item song Twinkle Twinkle from the movie Cute Kameena.   Here are some

MEE Marathi Film’s Lead Actress SHATABDHI’s Exclusive Interview – Tajela Films & Entertainment Presentation

Lead Actress SHATABDHI Of MEE A Marathi Film being Presented by Tajela films & Entertainment was seen giving exclusive interview to media persons recently. Though this his her debut assignment, but after seing her on the screen no one can