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Nat Samrat Gujrati Film Gets Bumper Opening And Blessings of Jain Samaj’s Guru K C Acharya

“नट सम्राट” सुपर हिट, सर्वत्र प्रशंसा ,साथ मे मिला जैन समाज के गुरू  के सी अचार्य जी का आशिर्वाद। गुजराती भाषा की बहुचर्चित फिल्म “नटसम्राट”  इसी ३० अगस्त को यह रिलीज हुई है। फिल्म सुपर हिट हो गई है और

Hu Tara Ishq Maa Gujarati Movie

The film directed by Raj Boricha and produced by Chanda Patel, is based on youth, relationships, ambitions and the twist of destiny. Introducing actor Suraj Kumar, the new emerging talent. He is paired opposite Priya Soni. Kumar will be seen

Gujrati Film Hoo Narendra Modi Banwa Maangu Choo  Is Childhood Struggle Story of PM Narendra  Modi says Anil Naryani

Mumbai 18 September 2017, Struggle of our PM Narendra Modi, how he become PM where he was a simple tea seller, said Anil Naryani director of Hindi and Gujrati films, how he spend his childhood is being shown in our forthcoming

Trailer Launch – Rachna No Dabbo featuring Freddy Daruwala

Love Stories have always enthralled the audiences and *Rachna no Dabbo* is here to present a different take. Rachna No Dabbo is a Gujarati movie which is a light hearted Love Story. The movie is set in today’s time and